We think of ourselves as storytellers. People want to hear the story of your brand and you want them to hear it in the very best way.

Story is all around us and in this age of information — we are inundated with it. But when it’s positioned properly, we believe it to be the most powerful thing. Look around you, wherever you are, and there’s bound to be something that stirs up a response — the smell of baking cookies, a old pair of jeans or a favorite song. That emotional pull is undeniable, it’s strong stuff.

More than great design, developing a great brand requires an approach that will maximize the impact of your brand's story. How these unique traits are positioned, that's the good stuff.

And that’s why we think your story is so important. We believe, hands down, it is the best way to make a lasting impression. Your company’s story — or your group’s or your own personal one, whoever’s it is — this biography, this is the best way to present a picture that is visceral, unforgettable and compelling because it’s yours and yours alone. And we’d be tickled to help you tell it.

We also believe that the result of our work together — whether that be an interactive design, a new identity or a promotional plan — should make your work life easier, not harder. If anything we work on together makes your life more complicated or doesn’t grow your business, something’s gone awry.

We may not be the biggest kid on the block but when you sign on with scw creative, it’s a relationship first and foremost because we do not believe in one-size-fits-all — every company, group or person is unique. And we believe in design solutions that are on-time and affordable.


Skipper Chong Warson, design

skipper chong warsonSkipper goes by many names — art director, designer, writer — though never Skip or Skippy.

He got into graphic design while pursuing an education as a theatre artist (playwright and sound designer, primarily) — by which he discovered that the creative and logical processes involved in effectively communicating ideas through print and web media parallels the construction of a compelling story (stage or otherwise). More than anything, he loves the process; he loves it for that moment where a pile of information and/or imagery is made into sense, whatever the result.

He’s currently training to run a full marathon in the next year; he ran the Austin half marathon in 2009. His dog Polly Jean helps him in that training endeavor by waiting at the front door every morning, hoping and praying that today’s going to be the kind of walk that just wears her out.

He lives in New York City with his fiancée.

Libby Batten, development and design

libby battenLibby hails from North Carolina and she’s one helluva web developer. She’s all about bridging front and backend development, social networking technologies and creating efficient interactive experiences that are user friendly. Her heart goes especially pitter-patter for environmentally responsible organizations.

She earned her BS in chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill and her career has been as winding as a backyard garden path: she’s worked in such industries as microbiology and immunology research, sound engineering in Austin and as a freelance writer/photographer for music and lifestyle magazines.

In her spare time, she strives to recreate her mother’s garden — azaleas and daylilies anyone? — on her rooftop in her Brooklyn, New York apartment. Fresh vegetables and herbs are crucial to this equation.

R-T Krempetz, design and development

r-t krempetzWith over a decade of practical hands-on knowledge, R-T prides himself on delivering substantive and elegant design solutions that consistently exceeded expectations in quality.

He is an enthusiastic “design thinker” and consummate problem solver who believes that achieving business goals and successful user experiences should not be mutually exclusive.

Originally from California, he’s married with two rambunctious boys. An eclectic soul, he also has life-long and extensive experience in film and performing arts design. He fully believes in and delights in life as a constant adventure.

Amber Presley, strategy

amber presleyAmber is a public relations girl at heart, having led communications initiatives at two Fortune 500 companies, two national non-profits, one of the largest public relations companies in the world and the second-largest real estate company in the United States.

Under her charge, she has managed nationwide public relations efforts, launched and driven social media programs through planning and development, handled crisis communications and written for press releases, editorial pieces, brochures and websites. She has also facilitated many other kinds of projects, including video and podcast scripting and development.

Amber also has a dog named Lola, wears flowers in her hair and, in case you were wondering, leopard print is her favorite color. Yes, it is.

Daniel Senyard, the inkwell

daniel senyardDaniel is a South African born, English citizen who moved to the States from London with his Texan wife, Anna, so that he could complete his degree, which he had begun overseas, at Antioch University in Santa Barbara.

He’s a skilled writer, marketer and social media professional who embraces technology to transform one-way communications into meaningful conversations. His expertise includes copy writing and technical writing, social media management, editorial writing and editing.

You can also find him online at vivogig. Chances are good that he’s listening to a live band somewhere right now.

And that’s the gang. We do hope you’ll have a look around and get in touch if you believe we’d work well together. We’d love to hear about what’s going on in your neck of the woods. We like to help.


We have one mission in our work and that's to tell your story. And the best way to do that is with design and branding solutions that are created just for you and built from the ground-up, not one-size-fits-all cookie cutter templates. read more

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